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Carl by Jerrod Maruyama, via Flickr

"I'd like to think of Carl Fredricksen living out his days selling balloons at Disneyland. I think they should have a walk around character like this!" - Jerrod Maruyama---------No, they should have a guy selling balloons dressed like Carl


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Pocket Princess

Disney princesses welcoming Anna and Elsa (and Olaf. And Sven). Cx l love how they go up the mountain in order of what Disney princess/movie is older to newer!

pocket princess 2

Amy Mebberson's Pocket Princesses: "But It Ain't Jambalaya Wit'out Seafood" Comments: Good expressions on the characters. The Joke: Apparently Tiana tried to cook Flounder and Sebastion for dinner. Ariel is not taking kindly to that mistake.