Gary Cooper, 1920s. One of the most handsome young men ever. Although he was a little, (well, a lot) too conservative to ever be a true heart-throb, he sure was purty to look at.

Gary Cooper, One of the most handsome young men ever. A little (well, a lot) too conservative to ever be a true heartthrob, but easy on the eyes nonetheless.

Elvis Presley - my Granny Horn used to say she always hoped he made it to heaven.... :-)

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Visit Graceland and celebrate Elvis Aaron Presley week August The King of Rock and Roll. Listen to some of Elvis's songs, Jailhouse rock, My Way, Crying in the Ghetto and many more.

Salvador Dalí and Yves Saint Laurent

Salvador Dali and Francois-Marie Banier, Paris, photo by Alecio de Andrade. This is not a photo of the young Yves St Laurent with Dali, as most everyone seems to believe. via voxsart

Great picture...great movie...great faces.

Robert Redford & Paul Newman "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" di George Roy Hill,

David Lynch I actually met him at the Twin Peaks Lodge. right after they opened the movie. I got his autograph on one of the lodges cards. It is really called the Shalish Lodge.

David Lynch's album, Crazy Clown Time, is streaming in its entirety at NPR. Not content with being an acclaimed director and owner of a surreal sounding Paris club, Lynch - whose past credits include Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive - first.

Alfred Hitchcock and Francois Truffaut

Alfred Hitchcock and French new wave director Francois Truffaut. Two of my absolute favorite directors.

Les Tontons flingueurs - Lino VENTURA - Bernard Blier - Francis Blanche PHOTO 20x27 cm /05