spooky atmospheric chilling surreal photographic art print , reminiscent of the art of magritte burt with a scarey feeling of bodies being taken away abduction against their will halloween art Fucked up creppy!

my life feels exactly like this...sometimes im the boat, sometimes im the water, sometimes im the fall... I teeter, I take it to the very edge, I fear...

45 Visionary Examples of Creative Photography #10

This photo is effective in that it is a big ship on a little waterfall. It does look realistic, though one would hope that is isn't. It is effective in how the water where the boat is split to make room for the boat

Salvador Dalí, Metamorphosis of Narcissus (detail), 1937

I did this piece in school ❤️❤️❤️ Salvador Dalí, Metamorphosis of Narcissus

Water, food, dirt has to exist somewhere, don’ it?—Mags, The Tree Hugger

ART: Black & White Photo Manipulations by Silvia Grav Spain-based photographer Silvia Grav uses post-processing techniques to create images inspired by surrealism. [[MORE]] Her work can be dreamy and.

Igor Morski

Igor Morski is an award winning graphic artist, illustrator and scenographer

Surreal Photo Manipulations by Kassandra Vizerskaya

Surreal Photo Manipulations by Kassandra Vizerskaya

Exactly the kind of imaginative shot I want to take, myself.

Tick tock goes the clock And what now shall we play ? Tick tock goes the clock Now summer’s gone away ? Tick tock goes the clock And what then shall we see ? Tick tock until the day That thou shalt marry me

Sparkeling suicide

PHOTOGRAPHY: Magical Self-Portraits by Rachel Baran Rachel Baran, a 20 year old photographer hailing from Ohio, captures herself in stunningly surreal scenarios. [[MORE]] Whether she looks like a dark.

Oleg Oprisco

With a set of out-of-date Kiev and Kiev 88 film cameras, photographer Oleg Oprisco from Lviv, Ukraine, created a series of uniquely surreal photographs showing beautiful girls with the background of magical landscapes like Alice in Wonderland.

lets say that to tear a painting is the kill the person trapped inside it. what if they could reach out and tear the painting themselves to be lost forever? Its a loss of person self - very deep message.

Madness floating away

Spirits In The Black Mist ~ "The demon I fear most does not come from faith. Neither material nor man may claim the source. That which haunts me stems from within; a source from which there is no escape." by Trini Schultz