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Killyan Challah

Killyan Challah
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"Who am I? One name you might have for me is the world, or you might call me the universe, or perhaps God, or perhaps the Truth. I am All, and I am One. So, of course, this also means that I am you." ..*

FMA Brotherhood The Truth by Nahima love the part when he says you did it you beat me

truth_and_eye_of_truth___fullmetal_alchemist_by_cheezynoodlez-d9yjnks.jpg (1865×2355)

Acrylic on canvas I combined Truth, the Eye of Truth, and those weird black hands into one thing! Fun fact: Brotherhood is way b. Truth and Eye of Truth - Fullmetal Alchemist

tatouage tete de mort: Décès tête sphinx main silhouette dessinée. Design Art de tatouage. Elégant isolé illustration vectorielle. Trendy élément Vintage. Sombre romance, la philosophie, la spiritualité, l'occultisme, l'alchimie, la mort, la magie.

Tatto Ideas 2017 Deaths head hawk moth with moons geometry lines Design tattoo art Isolated vector illustration Trendy Vintage element Dark romance philosophy spirituality occultism alchemy death magic Shutterstock