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Writing (White Square by Malevitch, 1918, MoMA). Self-portrait, 2016 / Archival pigment print on paper, 43,30 x 43,30 inches m / No Photoshop
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a man with his mouth open in front of a black background that has the image of a woman's face on it
Kimiko Yoshida: "Where is Kimiko ?" (26'), a documentary by & MEP, Paris, 2010
Kimiko Yoshida: "Where is Kimiko ?", & MEP, Paris, 2010
a woman's face is covered by a white sheet with red lipstick on her lips
Quelles sont les cinq femmes japonaises qui ont marqué l'Histoire? <>
an african woman wearing gold and black makeup
PAINTING (GODDESS OF WAR ATHENA BY KLIMT). SELF-PORTRAIT, 2010 (Archival Pigment Print on matt canvas, 57 x 57 inches)
a woman with her eyes closed in the air