Hé ouais, dur réalité ^^

Sticker mural Les princes existent au rayon biscuits Noir 40 x 60 cm

rire et humour - L'Atelier de Jojo

I'm surprised I was able to read this since my last French class was eight years ago - "If I drink alcohol, I'm an alcoholic. And if I drink Fanta?


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LOL | Saviez-vous que ?

"Becoming mature is: sleeping with one foot out of the covers without being scared that a monster will get you" ur welcome

"Ils sont tellement bourrés en Bretagne qu'ils entendent le loup, le renard et la belette chanter." Dame oui ! C'est pas faut.

They are so much filled in Bretagne, where they hear the wolf, the fox and the weasel to sing !