Tartinade de chèvre au citron et au basilic

Tartinade de chèvre au citron et au basilic (Whipped chevre with lemon and basil) great on warm French baguette or small toasts

Taste of France wedding inspiration. Captured By: Lauren Carnes Photography #weddingchicks http://www.weddingchicks.com/2014/10/15/taste-of-france/

Taste Of France Wedding Inspiration

Recette Boursin maison L'équivalent de 5 boites pour 0'99€

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Homemade Fresh Cheese {Домашний Творог}

Homemade Fresh Cheese

Homemade fresh cheese : make your own homemade fresh cheese.with only two natural ingredients, no preservatives and no nasty junk they seem to put in everything these days. Get your doze of calcium, tastiest way possible! - Let the Baking Begin

Mozzarella maison (en images)

Mozzarella maison (en images)

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I think cheese boards should be a food group at this point.

Good example: The board, the white cloth. bread and cheese are in perfect image harmony. This image with the pure white against the hard cutting board provides the viewer with an ambiance.

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