WEBSTA This cute little cottage is making us want to move to the English countryside! Notice the thatched roof and pink rose vines 🌹 Could it be anymore perfect!


The Fernstone Cabin - Tamworth, New Hampshire, built with local materials by Trevor Curtin of Grandfather Oak Carpentry. perfect little cabin inthe woods

Sunday's Pin #4

Triangle A-frame house surrounded by pine trees with layers of snow


Sod house-neat greenhouse idea, small house by the beach or cold storage room

Cabane en bois rustique, Oregon. Trop mignon.

Rustic Retreat ~ tiny cabin house with a red door and twisty natural tree trunk porch columns. Look at all those logs. I bet this place keeps cozy.


~ not everyone would love the solitude of this little cottage, but to me it would be pure bliss ~ photo by Michael Graydon