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miniature people standing around sliced tomatoes on a yellow surface with tiny figurines surrounding them
Project 365 - 6/27/2017 - 178/365
https://flic.kr/p/W9tZDE | Project 365 - 6/27/2017 - 178/365 | Deseeding the miniature bell peppers ODC - 6/27/2017 - Miniature
an open notebook with miniature people and construction equipment on the page next to it are orange cones
two miniature people are on a spoon with grapes in the background
Müsli-Maker | Flickr - miniature photography
two pieces of cake sitting on top of a white plate next to a toy bulldozer
Eating, Please wait.
Miniature People Dealing With Everyday Life Objects by Thai Designer Poy Diy Artwork, Miniature Dolls, Food Art Photography
Miniature People Dealing With Everyday Life Objects by Poy
Miniature People Dealing With Everyday Life Objects by Thai Designer Poy
a miniature man is standing on top of a beer bottle with a stick in his hand
This could be a problem.
figurines stand on top of walnuts in the shape of people inside them
Project 365 - 11/24/2011 - 328/365
Project 365 - 11/24/2011 - 328/365 | The holiday nutcracker.… | Flickr
several different colored pencils with small toy people standing in the middle one is surrounded by crayons
Tiny people - Eine kleine Farbspielerei IV (explored 12.10.16)
miniature people are standing around an apple with ladders to climb up the top and bottom
small figurines are placed on top of a fire hydrant
an octopus is sitting on top of a book with some toys in front of it
Squid ink
. 10.13 tue “Drug Truck" . 「食後30分以内に胃の中まで配達いたします」 . #時間帯指定 #薬 #drug Miniatures, Tatsuya Tanaka, Miniature Art, Tilt Shift
. 10.13 tue “Drug Truck" . 「食後30分以内に胃の中まで配達いたします」 . #時間帯指定 #薬 #drug
a slice of pizza sitting inside of a box
there is a toy truck with people around it and other toys on the ground next to it
Project PASTA: 'SAUCE PIPELINE' (rigatoni, tortiglioni, sedanini rigati, pipe rigate)
there are some toy figurines that are on top of a piece of cake
Gruyere cheese #creativityfood #foodart #foodartist #foodproduct #gruyere #cheese