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a tie that is laying on top of a white shirt and some buildings in the background
Going Home II.
there are two different pictures with coins on the ground
a tiny street art project: August 2006
"Spare some change" - By Slinkachu
a man standing in front of an arch with a hat on and holding a blue umbrella
two miniature people under an umbrella on the ground
ستجد دائما سببا للسعادة فقط تأمل حياتك و اقنع بما رزقت واشعر بالامتنان واعرف أن من حق نفسك عليك أن تشعرها بالرضا.. تصبحون بخير by hsnhamad
a board game with dominos and palm trees on the top, in front of it
Domino City * Domino: any of 28 small oblong pieces marked with 0–6 pips in each half. The game played with dominoes, in which they are laid down to form a line, each player in turn trying to find and lay down a domino with a value matched by that of a piece at either end of the line already formed.
a wooden box with a yellow ribbon tied to it and another object in the background
. 7.9 mon -Roller coaster- . 今週も勢いよくまいりましょう〜 . 今日はジェットコースターの日! . #tanacalendar . おはようございます=͟͟͞͞ (۶•́ᴗ•̀)۶ .
a white shelf topped with a vase and a small red bug on it's side
Argentinian artist Liliana Porter
a group of people standing on top of a table next to a can of food
| Tomato extraction | #tomato #achadosdasemana #tinypeople #communityfirst #pasta #heinz
a calculator sitting on top of a pile of paper next to a small figurine
Upon Receiving Bill
the silhouettes of skiers are suspended in a glass dome on top of a wooden table
Little People
toy figurines sitting on top of a spinning roule with horses and riders
Roulette Go Round
toy figurines sitting on top of a table next to a coffee cup and pencil
We can do nothing but watch in disbelief when people hijack our meeting with their own agenda.