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there are many green plastic trees in front of a small house with a man on it
Thumbtack Garden II.
two figurines are standing next to a large red flower with petals on it
Watering the Garden | Watering the Garden | Little People tending to the flowers (or one of them)
a toy man riding a red lawn mower on top of a corn cob
Los impresionantes macrouniversos que crea el artista Tanayka Tatsuya - Ellalabella
Hace dos años descubrí por instagram a Tanaka Tatsuya, el increíble y creativo artista que arma mini escenografías a partir de objetos cotidianos que usamos día a día, frutas, vegetales, géneros, computadores etc… , y los descontextualiza para crear pequeños y maravillosos mundos en miniatura. Recrea el escenario y a través de la iluminación, la […]
two figurines are standing in the middle of a garden with plants growing out of it
MSN | Outlook, Office, Skype, Bing, Breaking News, and Latest Videos
But it’s not all fun and games - for these little people, tending to a five-square-metre garden is a mammoth task.... Image: Artist David Gilliver's Little People (© BARCROFT MEDIA/David Gilliver)
there are pictures of people making cupcakes that look like they have cars on them
Weekend chores. That kiwi isn't going to mow itself. Ierre Javelle and Akiko Ida: mini world.
there are two pictures of people in the back of a truck, and one has a farm scene on it
miniature figurines are placed on top of a potted plant with ladders
Garden Art
cupcakes decorated with kiwi slices and miniature figurines are displayed on top of each other
food art - Google zoeken
a small figurine is standing on the edge of a brick walkway with plants growing out of it
Miniworld heeft en grote schoonmaakbeurt achter de rug Iedereen hielp mee!
two wooden combs with grass on them sitting next to each other
2017.4.3(月)/ Rice Reaping:NHK 連続テレビ小説「ひよっこ」 より
a miniature man is standing on top of a potato shell with a plant growing out of it
miniverse – Ulrich Graf-Nottrodt
For more inspiration follow me on IG: THEGYPSETTER > <
miniature figurines work together to plant a tree in front of two small people
Menanam di Hutan Beton . (Urban Farming)
a miniature man standing next to a fake grass field
Crop circle
two toy figurines on top of a chocolate bar with candy bars in the middle
Flower bed
two men are working on a tree with balloons in the shape of people standing next to it
A Man Is Creating Miniature Art For Every Day Of The Year And It’s Amazing
A Man Is Creating Miniature Art For Every Day Of The Year And It�s Amazing