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two small figurines are standing on top of a cell phone charger that is plugged in
there are many pieces of chocolate on top of each other with miniature people in the background
Hot Chocolate
an umbrella and beach scene in a teacup on a plate with sand underneath it
'BEaCH KoMBi' TEaCuP Diorama ____byLoveHarriet @ www.lilyanddot.com.au
two people sitting on top of playing cards in the middle of a dark room with light coming from behind them
miniature people are standing near a bowl of candy and a wheelbarrow on the ground
Project 365 - 2/13/2017 - 44/365
https://flic.kr/p/RwG119 | Project 365 - 2/13/2017 - 44/365 | Time for some ice cream with M&M's on top ODC - 2/13/2017 - Push/Pushing
there are three plastic bags with miniature people riding on the hot dog buns in it
Mushroom the ride
miniature people standing on top of a calculator
Hilarious Miniature Dioramas by Tatsuya Tanaka
Tatsuya Tanaka is a Japan-based photographer and art director who has created a creative and fun miniature diorama like the ones below every day for the past 5 years. He uses food, everyday items, and miniature figuines to create these hilarous scenes which he then publishes in his Miniature Calendar.
a puzzle with people standing on the missing pieces
a white tray with four different items in it next to a palm tree and potted plant
a straw hat with palm trees on top and an airplane in the sky next to it
Hot Hat
an ice cream cone with two tiny people standing on it and the image is split in half
Soft ice climbing
a cup filled with liquid and small figurines sitting on top of the foam
Hot Cosea
miniature figurines are placed on top of an open bottle cap with people standing around it
Les ingénieuses et drôles petites scènes de Tatsuya Tanaka - Blog Graine de Photographe
Depuis le 20 avril 2011, le photographe japonais Tatsuya Tanaka s'est lancé dans une incroyable aventure qui consiste à créer d'ingénieuses saynètes 365 jours par an. L'artiste publie tous les jours sur son site internet, des photos de scènes miniatures, qu'il confectionne avec soin et humour.Dans ce Miniature Calendar, Tatsuya détourne des objets du ...
DISPLEASURE BEACH Woolwich, London, 2011 by Slinkachu Collage, Fotos, Ilustrasi
DISPLEASURE BEACH Woolwich, London, 2011 by Slinkachu