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White-water rapids is my guess, but the original website is a 404 error page, and so far the pinners I've checked haven't listed what it is, except snow. The motion doesn't seem to correlate with snow.

Noix de coco #tropical #exotic #fraicheur

These coconut recipes go way beyond exotic cocktails. Every part of the palm tree's fruit-oil, water, milk, and meat—can be used to infuse tropical flavor (and a dose of healthy fatty acids) into all kinds of coconut dishes

La humedad es una de esas condiciones que se pueden presentar en cualquier lugar de nuestra casa y que disminuye nuestar calidad de vida, ya que las áreas con humedad suelen debilitarse y generar hongos, lo que a la larga puede destruir zonas enteras de la casa y también atentar contra nuestra salud.Si bien hay

It& easy to see why ivy is such a popular houseplant. With its trailing, vining habit and classic lobed leaves, the ivy connotes romance and elegance. Hundreds of ivy.