Takesada Matsutani

Takesada MATSUTANI - Circle (Cercle colle vinylique en relief et mine de plomb sur toile - 146 x 114 cm. Principle of Design: Contrast. The dark vs light is emphasized as well as soft vs clear texture.

Takesada Matsutani

Japanese artist, Takesada Matsutani, a member of the Gutai Art Association.

takesada matsutani artist

Inspired by Blum & Po’s recent show: Requiem for the Sun, we decided to do a little research into modern art movements in Japan. Somewhere between Kabuki Theatre, Jackson Pollock, and an early Paul.

Cercle 96-6-2 / Takesada Matsutani

Takesada Matsutani: Cercle 1996 Polyvinyl acetate adhesive, graphite pencil on canvas mounted on board 2 parts, each: 205 x 153 x cm / 80 x 60 x 2 in