Incroyable ces chats!!!! :D

A cat can sleep anywhere. My favorite (although it's hard to choose!) is the cat sleeping on the hangers in the closet.

Hen taking care of kittens during storm. - Album on Imgur

Hen taking care of kittens during storm.

Vive les chats noirs

I protest against the people who say that the black cat brings bad luck

Chaton bien installé dans le porte-gobelet

cup holder or cat holder? That's her favorite spot in the car. she feels safe. so sweet. Omg freaking god too cute | This changed the way I contour!

L'arche de noé

I just love this fawn's sweet, innocent eyes and its freckles. Doesn't this look like a real life Bambi?

Licorne perdue

Licorne perdue