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Rose is Rose loves music and sports.she is super active and love thee outdoors. She hates boys who chat her up. She is independent and kind.

Rapunzel moderna

This is Millana she is Colombian and speaks English and Colombian she is really pretty and loves the beach. She loves cooking also.

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Name: Kora Birthday : Agust Power: super strength hobbies: playing sports all sports.

rapunzel moderna

Name: Joslin Age: 14 Sign: Aries Description: Joslin loves the mountains. And hanging out with her friends at Disney High.

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Description: Nichole aspires to be a model when she is older. She loves cats and wants a little sister.

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This is Jackie! Jackie loves Starbucks, sweatshirts and history! She is quite an oddball! Comment to adopt this quirky girl! Adopt from Zoe Katsaros' Adoption center today!

Isabella is a 16 year old! Loves shopping and is flirty and cute! Can be mood sometimes and has a sister named Emily!