Shan Qiao est un illustrateur chinois étudiant actuellement aux Etats-Unis et plus précisément en Californie au Art Center College of Design de Pasadena. Ce jeune artiste est promis à un bel avenir. On découvre déjà à travers ses oeuvres un style intéressant, des couleurs superbes et une imagination débordante. Pour en voir davantage, visitez son […]

Les splendides illustrations de Shan Qiao

Shan Qiao is a Chinese illustrator currently studying in the United States and more precisely at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. This young artist surely has a bright future ahead of him. His style is interesting, his colros are


The way the opacity was used to signify the title, "talk" was a really cool visual trick. I like the colors that surround the guys head. The focus on the face makes it clear what the focus of this poster is.

Superbe digital art pour Unisinos by Miagui Studio

Interesting way to show the person and what they like to do for hobbies as well. Could be interesting for business cards or high school graduation pictures or something like that.

Banque d'Image Collective Avataresque

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