cake pops - how cute are these!!

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Cupcake pops! Yummy!

Cupcake Pops and Bites

Cupcake Pops by Martha Stewart Ingredients Chocolate Cake 2 cups Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting 1 package chocolate coating bark 1 package white coating bark or pink candy melts Sprinkles, for garnish M&M's for garnish

Turkey Cake Pops

I am seeing Turkey Cake Balls in my family's Thanksgiving future :D Cake pops with or without the sticks? Turkey Cake Balls or Turkey Cake Pops?

Easter Cake Pops

The famous baker: Bakerella came up with the cutest idea for Easter, the Easter Cake Pops. I love Bakerella, she is an amazing and creative baker, she is the one who created the mini cupcake pops. Here I will show how Bakerella makes her very cute.


TNBT: cake pops

Tutorial Sesame Street Cake Pops: Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch & Big Bird Cake Pops.How fun!

Apple Cake Pops

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'Watermelon' cake pops! I LOVE it!

Watermelon cake balls (or cupcakes) Watermelon Cake 1 box white cake mix 1 oz.) box of watermelon Jell-O (reserve 2 teaspoons for frosting) cup watermelon puree cup water cup oil 4 eggs cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips (optional) red food coloring