Its a great drama thriller tv series takes place in Hampton named Revenge. Revenge is a series relating to the revenge of a woman name Emily. She always plans for the revenge on all those who had affected her life and are fresh in her mind.


Supernatural Style I4

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2 Broke Girls

I want to have a Two Broke Girl marathon with Charlie, because they are so fun to watch with her!

Hart of Dixie

Rachel Bilson: ‘Hart of Dixie’ Poster! Rachel Bilson holds a stethoscope while sitting on two suitcases in the poster for her new show, Hart of Dixie, via THR. The stars as Zoe Hart in…

Two and a half Men

Two and a half Men 2011 Never will it be the same without Charlie Sheen


This is me, Coley Henson. I love movies and television shows, but above all Smallville has been my favorite. I just finished watching the final season at the end of this summer after starting only in April. Superman is my thing, words can not express!