Father and child pic idea - Father/son


Funny & cute family picture idea for Christmas cards.

Multi-generation of hands...very cool.

I wish I had a picture with my Granny's hands. I loved to sit and play with the wrinkles and blood vessels on her hands. My mother had the same hands and my children loved to sit and trace the vessels on her hands. Those hands so full of love.

cute pregnancy photo!

I am not much into the exposed belly thing but the bubble gum with the "ready to pop" is cute for a maternity photo. For late term photo shoots!


True love between true friends . A love between a man and his dog is indescribable and beautiful. Beautiful picture of a man and his best friend. Most wonderful.


Victorian Halloween - like this photo, the red, the lace umbrella, the raven.

love love love this

i love the angle, style, fashion, environment. i love this photo!


creative couple photos that you can take yourself--cute pic-fun use of shadows

Naomi Davis from Rockstar Diaries

beach baby & bump style (taza of rockstar diaries)

so natural

This one of my favorite pictures - a Mongolian girl and her camel laughing together. Her camel is a Bactrian camel. The Bactrian camel has.

dress. wind. melting!

oh, hello pretty. i love different color wedding gowns. white is just . beautiful dark champagne color with full tulle skirt. on the beach. so pretty

Balloons in High School colors

Love the school balloon colors, but would have the kiddo look at the camera!

Engagement photo shoot

Be Mine - A Valentine's Day Photoshoot

Red heart confetti pictures - husband and wife photo shoot idea

but outside...I think I'll bring some vintage cameras!

desert boots with shorts. also, love her hat.

Adorable photo

Couple kissing in the car in the snow- so winter romantic!


Sea, girls and sun.