lecture de l'heure

Teaching Time to Kids… I know as a child, I had difficulty telling time. This is a super cute idea for younger aged children. I will remember to include this in my future classroom!

Freebie Clock Craft!- perfect for math review :)

This tool is a handy arts project for students to keep at their desks. It is easy to make and effectively illustrates the relationship between minutes and hours. Since students can carry it around with them, it is an excellent tool for reinforcing number

Uhr lernen, original Größe ist A4. Einfach Bild speichern und ausdrucken.

Adapt for interactive notebook- put words for hour/minute word on the one below to practice telling time.

Affiche pour apprendre à lire l'heure

Teaching Time-anchor chart connecting telling time to the quarter and half hour with fractions of a circle. Good to hang up near the clock when kids are learning to tell time in school!

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