Mehdi la Blacstone

Mehdi la Blacstone

Mehdi la Blacstone
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Submission: At least he didn't exaggerate the lips “ Conservatives can no longer differentiate between true statements made by President Obama, statements falsely attributed to Obama by the right, and.


⚠️ UN Announces Worst Food Crisis Famine Since Is Happening Right No.

"Competition of the Elements" - Cimon della Pala 3.184m - Dolomites The last remaining active volcano of the Alps? Or just an incredible moment photographically detained! Whatever. Fire and Ice have an incredible appeal and charisma. Although it´s about the second, the means of photography creates a wonderful optical illusion with one of the highest mountains in the Italian Dolomites. Get 20% off all Fine Art Prints Prints and licensing available. Facebook Fan Site

I´m a passionate landscape photographer from Augsburg in Germany with great respect and a deep connection to nature.