entree? duo couleur + pateres + caisses

Förläng hallen (IKEA Sverige - Livet Hemma)

porte manteaux objets

Design Sponge: This coat and bag hanger came into homeowner Leah Lawrence’s life as the perfect walking stick now, outfitted with a few ‘s’ hooks, it’s coat and bag storage in Leah’s Seattle entryway.

Hey look, I found an image with "lighting" and monochromatic furniture! We can use this as reference for setting up the "lower stage."

Perfectly painted grey and blush minimal space with antique mirror and painted bust

Je fais un rêve… Oh pas celui que ma maison reste bien rangée, celui-là je l’ai abandonné. Non, je rêve que mon adorable famille comprenne que,

Réussir son entrée

Soooo cozy, and easy to replicate.Italian Cottage via Cote Maison and Style Files - Yellow Rug, Stone Walls, Pillows, and Natural Baskets

entryway & hall inspirations // Ikea STALL cabinet, black mirror

Petit meuble de rangement à chaussures

Miroir rond, la tendance XL

Miroir rond, la tendance XL

Exhibition S/come specchio O/come origami—Studiopepe—Andrea Ferrari—Spotti

Styling, Set Design and Interiors by Studiopepe, Milano. Wouldn't it be an amazing idea to make this a desk which you are able to hoist up, if more space is required?

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