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DIY Garden Trinkets

We have one of these and someone put a piece of a popsicle stick and wrote "Rock Concert" - Love Rock Art.Garden Trinkets - Awesome Ideas, Projects and Tutorials! Including, from 'instructables', this creative 'garden thing' project with rocks.

Want a green decor idea that will surely look stunning in your garden? This easy project with succulents is one of our favourites! See the different versions of this beautiful project and learn how to make your own!

Decorate Your Garden by Making These Succulent Balls

How to Make a Vertical Strawberry Tube Planter

How to Make a Vertical Strawberry Tube Planter . will try horizontal, history of vertical drying out in uppermost openings vs lower openings.

L'atelier de Romane: Faire des pots de fleurs à partir de bouteilles en plastiques

DIY : Kitty planters from plastic bottles. Adorable cat planters made out of painted upcycled plastic bottles

suculentas suspensas                                                                                                                                                      Mais

DIY this vertical terrarium to grow herbs indoors. No instructions but looks easy to do with some mason jar "pots", threaded rod, wood and bolts.

20 idées DIY pour customiser des pots de fleurs //

20 idées DIY pour customiser des pots de fleurs

DIY Gold Foil Lettering on Flower Pots. Have fun and create your favorite phrases on flower pots. DIY gold foil lettering and glitter makes for a unique gift or home decor item.

How to propagate succulents. - Green Secrets

Succulent cuttings like this are super easy to grow. ~ Mary Walds Place - How to propagate succulents.

purple ground cover is called Hemigraphis. The lighter purple/pink ground cover is called Tradescantia Spathacea There are many additional plants in this photo, some are: Dioon Majiae, Agave Attenuata, Coconut palm, Cordyline Australis, Foxtail Palm, Bismarck Palm, & Cordyline Fruticosa.

Garden Palm Trees - Palm trees, like banana trees, give your garden that tropical look. Palm trees are segregated into two types depending on their leaf structure. The tw.

Transformer une échelle en bois en jardin potager suspendu

Faire un potager en carré de jardin ou suspendu avec 3 fois rien

I absolutely loved this beautiful ladder shelf design the first time I saw it, on A Beautiful Mess !