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How to paint polka dots with a sponge | Ohoh Blog - diy and crafts

How to paint polka dots with a sponge

Since I stencil the entry wall with the Otomi pattern , my daughter was begging me to do something in her bedroom. “Because it’s all white, mum, and it’s not nice!” She suggested a few…

Une décoration pleine de fraîcheur !

I'm considering selling these house wardrobes as I've some new plans for E's room. If you're interested and live in the south of Sweden, please send me a DM or an email.

#deco fluo #home Néon rose vert & or Cuckoo Clock. Condition par GallivantingGirls

Cuckoo Clocks colorful and bohemian. Excellent for the kids room or nursery

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Ocea's Room Four Cheeky Monkeys

Banishing the Winter Blues

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Kids Decor Spotlight - SUN and Co