Avoir confiance en soi

If you are feeling to small to change the world, try to share your room with a mosquito. See which one will prevents the other from sleep.

Quand les rôles s'inversent... L'homme envahit le monde des Aliens !

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Women don't fart they do however shoot tiny puffs of glitter that sound like a unicorns laughter and smell like rainbows :) lol hmmm I think I know who this is!

✪ "If there are no ups and downs in your life, it means you are dead." ✪ (I guess there is no "lesson" here, other than to expect the usual ups and downs which are a part of life.) Life And Style on Etsy

ah bah je vais te dire, t'as de la chance que la surdité existe :)

someday, a guy will honk me to actually warn of a danger and I will be dead, finger up.

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