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an orange gas pump sitting on top of a floor
Car wash & gas station at Pleasant View Preschool
the steering wheel is in its box and ready to be assembled
11+ Beautiful Chevy Truck Wheels Ideas
Wondrous Ideas: Car Wheels Cartoon car wheels furniture.Car Wheels Rims Cadillac Escalade classic car wheels autos.Car Wheels Design Alfa Romeo..
a craft made to look like a school bus with scissors and paper on the table
Easy School Bus Craft - Happy Home Fairy
Colors, shapes, first days of school
four wooden circles with different colors and numbers on them sitting on a white counter top
Aaron's Preschool: Roxaboxen
R: Make these steering wheels. Roxaboxen
a child's hand is holding up a cardboard board with cars and trucks on it
Flannel Friday: Things That Go (pt 1)
I didn't quite get this finished in time--either the set OR this post! But this is what I have so far for a version of the Where Does This Go? matching game that Miss Mary Liberry posted FIVE YEARS...
two cardboard cars are sitting in front of a car wash door with blue strips on it
Make a car wash out of cardboard boxes for transportation storytimes. Bubbles for soap, streamers, a stop/go sign at the beginning.
a young boy is playing with a paper train that looks like the shape of a book
Shape Train Matching Activity
Toddler Approved!: Shape Train Matching Activity
a white and yellow road sign sitting on top of a floor next to orange traffic cones
Airplanes Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 1 of 21
Belle idée pour une piste d'atterrissage...
a train made out of cardboard sitting on the floor
(airplane crafts preschool)
two cardboard boxes with blue ribbons on them and some people standing in the parking lot
6 idées de lavage auto - Cabane à idées
a child's hands playing with toys in a bathtub that is filled with foam
Little People Car Wash Water Play
le bac à eau car cash ! développe le jeu, le turn taking et est sensoriel
a child's bed made out of cardboard with paint on it
children are playing with paper mache on a long table in a school room at the same time
Graphisme en marchant puis en le faisant avec une voiture