champignon odorant lavande tuto

tiny mushrooms, made from scrap fabric and can be used as brooch, magnet, hair tie etc make them a bit bigger with metal washers in the bottom for pattern weights, and a bigger on for a pin cushion

Incognito - Patron gratuit masque de nuit (French - Français) #couture #patrongratuit #masquedenuit #sewing #freepattern #sleepmask

Incognito, a free sleep mask pattern in 3 versions: classic version, Cat-Incognito for a cat-shaped sleep mask, Bat-Incognito for a bat shaped sleep mask

Tutoriel DIY: Coudre soi-même un masque de nuit via

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Les coussins d’eau font fureur chez les enfants ! Ce sont des sacs en plastique remplis d’eau avec lesquels ils prennent pas mal de plaisir en été ! Vous devez...

I love these mini water blobs. Not only are they (fairly) simple to make, they are super easy to REPAIR, meaning if they get nicked by a dog's nail, they patch right up. What a nice way to help keep your pup cool in the summer!

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