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Cute marine illustrations by polikarpovaart
an illustration of a woman's head with wavy hair and a red nose ring
Portraits — Soley and the Bear
a line drawing of a pregnant woman holding a ball in her right hand and looking down at the ground
a cup of coffee with steam rising out of it on a blue background, in the shape of a striped mug
How do you take your coffee? “Seriously. Very seriously.”
a woman standing in the water with birds flying above her and behind her head is a white bird
Instagram - soleyandthebear
watercolor painting of yellow flowers and green leaves
a drawing of a woman with blue flowers on her dress and shoes, holding a bouquet
a drawing of two pieces of fruit with one cut in half and the other whole
Carnet Imaginaire
a drawing of a woman with a bird on her head and scarf around her neck