paint project

Such a good idea as a gift for grandparents. Put a phrase or message in vinyl letters on a clean canvas. Have your child paint a picture on top, then peel the vinyl letters off to reveal the message underneath.

How to Make Fantastic Melted Crayon Art

How to Make Fantastic Melted Crayon Art - something to keep the older kids happy for an hour or two maybe?

Father’s Day coffee mug || perfect last minute kid craft!

Little bonus tutorial for y’all today, because Harlow and I had a fun crafting morning! So Andy, Babu, and PopPop: stop reading. The rest of you, if you’re a chronic…

Homemade Christmas cards! DIY

One day - when there are children. each put their thumb print on and add a little feature to say who is who (e. eyelashes for mum, bow for daughter, etc).(Diy Crafts For Christmas)

Photographier l'enfant avec les lettres, imprimer la photo-montage sur un papier photo ou bien sur un papier transfert. Il n'y aura plus qu'à repasser sur un T-shirt blanc! Très belle idée de cadeau, simple et originale.

Cadeau fête des pères maison

Any message from most of the family to one of its members would probably work well for this.

Cartes de nomenclature sur la météo météo 1 météo 2 Mais

La météo

Cartes de nomenclature sur la météo météo 1 météo 2 Mais

DIY Pom Pom Now my hats are more interesting!

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DIY Fruit Pom Poms

DIY Fruit Pom Poms

Ooh managed to do my pom pom strawberry without help but this is handy.Pom Pom Fruit Tutorial by Mr Printables.

Tableau de perte de dents pour garçon Illustration par Akwadesign

Tooth loss table for boy - Mousse illustration - tooth fairy - digital table - souvenir date of tooth loss