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You have no reason to be here other then you're a nosy knuckle dragging twat waffle, my life is not your business.

Artist Shows That Putting Googly Eyes on Inanimate Objects Never Gets Old

If you think this world is going to hell in a handbasket, you've obviously never seen googly eyes on random inanimate objects

I'm saving this because it's true. But about the bottom part. Seriously? I have a heart whether I saved this or not

Change The Way You Think First

people just need to stopbullying people every time i here of being bullied at school i cry Repost to stop Bullying!

The picture of the lady in the shark's mouth is me and Kevin. I will never stop incorporating myself into ridiculous pictures and he will never stop helping me lol

Funny pictures about True Love Never Gets Old. Oh, and cool pics about True Love Never Gets Old. Also, True Love Never Gets Old photos.