Faire un Sachet de Lavande avec un Mouchoir.

Fold over two opposite corners so they overlap slightly roughly into thirds Fold up the bottom corner and press then fold up the bottom again of the way Sometimes I stitch the sides closed but even easier is to insert a strip of "Stitch Witchery" along

Coussins lavande

Small pillows combining linens (a rougher-look) with linens (adds crisp and smooth).

Petits sachets de lavande

Use them for key tags, lavender bags - whatever, they're just beautiful.

bonne pêche !

sardine softies - as gifts make them with an aroma such as lavender, lemon thyme or orange and use as drawer scenters

Lavender sachets for dresser

Petite lavande - LA MAISON DOUCE

lavander sachets - beautiful easter gifts - have the dried lavender - need the…

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/256758537/linen-lavender-bag-with-angel-and-lace

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