Beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice

Fantastic Tim Burton Tribute Art - Jack, Beetlejuice, Edward, and Martian — GeekTyrant. Love this movie and almost every Tim burton movie

Clever Posters of Classic Horror Films - A Clockwork Orange - My Modern Metropolis

Clever Posters of Classic Horror Films

Darwin's "Voyage of the Nostromo" (my title, I honestly don't know what this is called). Beautifully done.

The most awesome images on the Internet

yautjalife: “ “Alien Life Cycle, Da Vinci Style” Art by Elkin Salamanca ” awesome

Loki -

Loki by naratani on deviantART - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

horrorpicturemaniac: Pennywise the dancing clown flyer

I'm every nightmare you've ever had. I'm your worst dream come true. I'm everything you ever were afraid of. - - Artwork based on iconic horror movies, monsters, and horror characters

Frankenstein - by Bruce Timm

Frankenstein’s monster (Boris Karloff) from classic Universal version by Bruce Timm.


Misery Land – 30 créations Pop Trash de Dave Macdowell

Zombie Stay Puft is feeding and your blaster is out of juice. Who you gonna call ________________ ? Art by Dave MacDowell.