"Je suis trop heureux ! "

The Happiest Cat You Will Ever See. Wish this would go viral like grumpy cat. The happy cat makes me smile. Also I just love how in the last picture the other cat's like "why are you so happy, be mad like your other feline brethren.

Princesse Leia. Cliché exclusif fait que pour vous...elle suis trop trop gentille, dès qu'on lui fait deux compliments au troisième elle se "lèche" vite submergée et elle n"entends plus rien d"autre..a cause de ces sacrés petits lascards (go).. .Il faudrait qu'elle me grouille à être sérieusement moins ou "verte" quand même !!!

Funny Pictures – November 25, 2016

Qui est la meilleure goule?

guess who's pre-ordering the volume in english which comes out in 124 days ;


Red Owl: Also known as the Madagascar red owl, Madagascar grass-owl and Soumange's owl- Beautiful!

Inari Foxes... I had no idea furbies were real...

Inari Foxes - Oh My Gosh. It looks like Mort from Madagascar! So cute! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it!

Un Nom pour Mon Chat …Au goût du jour! N= Nouveau Alice (N)… / OH MY GOSH!  I'M IN LOVE!  BOOM!  ~ LOVE I TELL YA!  ♥ HOW UNIQUE AND HOW AWESOME?

This is scrappy and he is really that colour Scrappy was born in 1997 as a black cat and only a few years ago he started turning white (maybe vitiligo) and has ended up with this extraordinary pattern - A very pretty kitty

Loup mexicain (Canis luppus baileyi) ♥

Picture by Tim FitzharrisA stunningly beautiful mexican gray wolf (Canis lupus baileyi).