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j'adore fairy tail et vous ? :) / eu adoru fairy tail e vose ? :) / i enjoy fairy tail and you ? :)
Lara Oliveira
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Every Day, you don't know how it feels, you have a easy life like everybody else, caring parents, everything you want, money, new clothes, when you want something you just ask and get it, not everybody has the money for that - Fairy Tail ~ DarksideAnime

My dear children have all been through so much. (I'm so weird sometimes I call them my guild mates and other times my 'children')

Makarov and his the strongest team from Fairy Tail. | Anime/manga: Fairy Tail [Makarov Dreyar / Lucy Heartfilia / Natsu Dragneel / Erza Scarlet / Gray Fullbuster] | #quotes

in the new fairy tail chapter "broken bonds" Natsu and Gray LITERALLY WANT TO KILL EACH OTHER. Since Natsu's a demon aka E.D and Gray blames him for Juvia's "death" same as UR, his mom, and dad.

Natsu est l'être le plus logique que je n'ai jamais vu

It's just a friend when natsu starts living in fear. The enemies just earn tears of laughing xD except I'm not sure Zeref should warrant tears and laughter I mean he hasn't even beaten Zeref yet.