"a selection of ampersands available on typekit"

Typekit examples of ampersands. Wish there were more the ampersands because they always bring things together. Seriously, this is heaven sent! I also fumble through too many fonts before I find the perfect ampersand.

Philip Stier for the Center of the Arts building on UW-Whitewater

20 Awesome Optical Illusions Using Typography

8 New Free Fonts for your Designs

8 New Free Fonts for your Designs

hold on

When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on <--- Seen in Florence on a church's sign during a particularly trying week this past spring :)

typeverything.com, Dan Hoopert - Typeverything

Wire Look Typography. Digital artist and motion graphics designer Dan Hoopert created this typographic artwork for a college project. The wire letters a

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