I like this design because it is very creative funny with the word play. The font is easy to read and it caught my attention with the red dot. The design is not cluttered. The message is easily received with one word.

Five Plus - Et pourquoi pas Coline ?

Five Plus

The creator of these logos has used a unique approach to typography. By playing with and arranging letters, very creative logos were formed. These simple, yet interesting logos are an example of the power that typography can have in design.

watercolour pattern / la déco turbulente Plus

Les aquarelles de Lourdes Sanchez

De Janusz Jurek ~  Humain 3D

culturenlifestyle: “ Generative Artwork by Janusz Jurek Polish designer and illustration Janusz Jurek explores the different shapes of generative illustration through the human body. Generative art is.

bubbles by a is for anika, via Flickr

Anika Starmer do an entire pattern painting using shapes that replicate microscopic body parts like muscle, blood cells and rods/cones

Animals in Moiré 3 par Andrea Minini -

Animals in Moiré 3 par Andrea Minini

I like that they made the IM bubbles into a tree. It helps support the fact that they are talking about eco friendly

20 New and Really Clever Logo Designs

Evolution of Logo Designs effects and leads the application. A Plain logo designs were being used in past. Here are 30 Effective Chat Logo Designs.