Egg Packaging

Packaging Egg Box - No, it isn't software exactly. But it is a great example of a design that works well at revealing the beauty and nature of the content to the user rather than hiding it, which is what UX design ought to do more.

Pizza packaging with serious style!

This mini pizza packaging is one of a kind because it is functional by having space for the pizza and utensils, it is convenient for someone on the go and the design is appropriate for an office woman who likes to accentuate her style.

clever way of packaging pencils, the simple design looks good as well - maude bussieres's pencil packaging

Maude Bussières& pencil packaging concept keeps extra materials to a minimum. The triangular pencils fold together in tight formation to be displayed in stores as is and then tear apart along the perforations when you& ready to use one.

[ gorgeous + unique + #package + design ] Bar soap packaging

There are endless choices in choosing a soap and the packaging plays a vital role. Have a look at this selection of great soap packaging.

#packaging Throat drops--really creative--awesome

Top 100+ des packaging de produits comme on aimerait en voir plus souvent

These clever packaging designs for Ricola's Throat Drops are the product of collaboration between Jung Von Matt, Scope Digital Studio, and Julien Canavezes.

Cool Packaging Designs Of Shoes - We Design Packaging

Clever use of the 'caterpillar track' to wrap the boots. Brings some fun as well as invoking rugged CAT brand values.

Influencia - Tendances et inspirations dans le packaging

Gazpacho Andaluz by Come Home is a unique package that stands out in store, or in your home. Getting creative and thinking outside the box is important when bringing a new product into a retail store.

Top 100 des packaging de produits comme on aimerait en voir plus souvent | Topito

Top 100+ des packaging de produits comme on aimerait en voir plus souvent

Beautiful packaging : les dernières innovations en matière d’emballage alimentaire

New York City Spaghetti Packaging. Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. Alex Creamer, a student at the University of Central Lancashire, UK, came up with this brilliant idea of a New-York centric packaging for spaghetti.