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Perfect Rib Eye Steak

With an easy Montreal Seasoning copycat mix and some herb butter on top after these are grilled you will be in heaven. Always our favorite to grill and the flavor of the seasoning is so good!

Three-Pepper Steak with Pull-Apart Cheesy Bread

Publix Aprons put a new spin on an all-American dish with Three-Pepper Steak and Pull-Apart Cheesy Bread. Just add agave nectar, salsa verde, and chipotle pepper sauce to your traditional ribeye or st(Chipotle Cheese Steak)

How to Use Baking Soda to Tenderize Meat

Baking soda (Makes it harder for the meat's proteins to bond, and results in extra tender meat: rub meat w/ baking soda; let meat rest in fridge for hrs;