Reneé Boyd Ceramic 3 Leaf Set - White/Blue Description: Wall hanging with three leaves sitting inside each other. Hung by by stainless steel trace. Materials: Stoneware clay and porcelain, stainless steel wire. Dimensions: 26 cm long x 13 cm wide Inspirations: Renee's design ideas often begin around a theme, a shape, a colour or even a feel

Reneé Boyd : Ceramic 3 Leaf Set - White/Blue - Clever Bastards: The best of New Zealand art & design, leaf dish, ceramic leaf dish

CHAVEIRO DE BISCUIT LÁPIS PARA DIA DOS PROFESSORES sugestão de lembrancinha para dia dos professores que é dia 15 de outubro. É muito fácil de fazer e você pode ganhar um dinheiro fazendo chaveiros de biscuit.

Chaveiro de Biscuit Lápis Para Dia dos Professores

Ha Ha, this is so cute and a very good idea, I am going to try to make something like this.

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