laurine villaume

laurine villaume

laurine villaume
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Jake ~ Homestuck

“ Anonymous: would you considering making homestuck icons with flower crowns? ” (that was a yes) be free to use them as icons!


Name: Nepeta Leijon (me) Race: half cat half troll Short bio: Nepeta LOOOOOOOOVES CATNIP! But beware she gets crazy when you give her catnip (Das right i put myself up for adoption)

Undertale the eight humans and their SOULs with all their weapon/ defense item combos

The 8 human souls of Undertale ❤️Determination❤️ 💛Justice💛 💚Kindness💚 💙Integrity💙 💜Perseverance💜 ❤️💛Bravery💛❤️ 💙💖Patience💖💙

Chibi - (page 2) - Hey Mangas !

chibi for charmsu ♥ she has the cutest characters aaa ramie was adopted from Puniuu ! and thanks for the people who came to my stream! i love the company ^ 0 ^ done in sai / ps please do no.