Faire "disparaître" les rayures sur meubles en bois (et non, ikéa, c'est pas du bois !) : 1/4 de vinaigre blanc et 3/4 d'huile d'olive

55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips Tricks. I've tried this one, and it works like MAGIC! cup vinegar and cup olive oil. I used this trick on all of my kitchen cabinets and now they look brand new.

superbe idée pour une chambre ou salle de jeux

10 trucs pour décorer et rénover à mini-prix : transformez vos meubles (truc n.7

Like the IDEA.not colors/patterns Its a shelf turned on it's SIDE, add long foam cover pad. add pillows and you have a lovely WINDOW SEAT. GREAT IDEA, without expense of built in window seat!

Diy faire un petit tabouret scandinave

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Combien de temps les jolies grenouilles resteront sagement posées sur leur nénuphar ?

Fishing game made with pingpong balls and plastic sheets

Un DIY original pour créer une table basse unique dans la chambre ! #dccv #bedroom #chambre

Hanging bedside table & 4 other DIY projects. Table made with reclaimed wood and suspended from ceiling with rope. Another DIY is a couch side table made with a log.

Constance Gennari et Laurent, Achille 5 ans et Brune 3 ans | The Socialite Family

Constance Gennari et Laurent, Achille 5 ans et Brune 3 ans

Le cube bleu met l'accent sur le coin cuisine.

Small kitchen design planning is important since the kitchen can be the main focal point in most homes. We share collection of small kitchen design ideas

Many people prefer open plan kitchens these days and you can turn an open plan kitchen into an interesting space by decorating it cleverly.