SPIRIT ready to drink cocktails via seriesnemo curated by Packaging Diva PD. Rediseño de la marca MG Spirit para su aplicación definitiva a sleever sobre el producto, en el mercado de los "Ready to Drinks" en Europa y Asia.

SPIRIT ready to drink cocktails via seriesnemo curated by Packaging Diva PD.

Confiture Melocoton-packaging en peau de fruit

These Fruit Shaped Jam containers are really attractive. Just wondering about the cost to produce the unusual shapes and textures and the fact that they are not a uniform size for packing and shipping.

Simple and Clear Flour Packaging!

Simple and clear flour packaging! Love how it helps you find the correct type of flour so easily. And the consistent visual language (rounded image) makes the design so impactful.

Very nice pasta packaging. The cylinder containers clearly show the various types of pasta in an artful way. The very simple design also goes along well with the simplicity of the uncooked pasta with a basic font and plain background. The packaging is simple, yet visually appealing and informative at a glance.

Inspiration graphique #5 : 25 packagings originaux et innovants à découvrir

Trop joli de préparer des petits cornets avec des confettis, c'est plus sympa que le gros sac. Mais ça tu délègues à tes demoiselles d'honneur / témoins ! Tu leur donnes juste la photo

Mariage surprise: ils ont étonné leurs invités !

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100 Creative and Brilliant Packaging Design ideas from around the world

Pink Glasses wine package designed by Luksemburk Gives a whole new meaning to rose colored glasses or wine goggles :)

Sachet de thé en Origami par Natalia Ponomareva

Des emballages de thé créatifs et astucieux

Tea_packaging_design Packaging and origami bird tea bag by Green Berry Tea

Merdas Chocolate on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

Merdas Chocolate

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