Chinese New Year. How art is used in cultural celebrations. 2nd grade. paper sculpture

Historically, the Chinese dragon was the symbol of the Emperor of China. This legendary creature is a very important symbol in Chinese mythology and folklore, being known to the world especially du.

Ms Maggie Mo's students make texture rubbings over texture boards (purchased & created with glue), using glitter, metallic, & construx crayons-- layered, on 9x12 and 12x18 colored paper. Then they draw a wavy line on the back of the 12x18, and make another one so it tapers at one end. Cut out and glue on background paper for the body. Head is made from the smaller paper, other details made from shared scraps. They write a sentence w/2 adjectives and 2 dragon "facts". 4-5 40 min. classes.

art explorers chinese dragon, stamp on construction paper and collage details on an oil pastel resist background

Masque de dragon chinois

Masque de dragon chinois pour le nouvel an chinois

Kidissimo: Sewing projects with socks / 9 craquants doudous à réaliser soi-même avec... des chaussettes !

<input class="jpibfi" type="hidden" >Sock animals are just fabulous and the process of making them is so much fun. Be sure to check out all the sock animal projects on my site HERE. I am excited to feature another DIY project to make a sock dragon.

dragon à colorier fait

Dragon en Papertoy de Anton Narod