looks kinda like Romeo from Romeo x Juliet

Anime picture original ame (conronca) single tall image short hair blue eyes sitting blue hair butterfly on hand male plant (plants) tree (trees) boots book (books) insect butterfly goggles 289867 en

anime boy

for all us anime fans thy probably use this poster to get us to buy starbucks xD jk jk haha <-- It's Masaomi Kida. If their plan is to get me to buy Starbucks, it's gonna work.

Trafalgar Law Signature by MrShKoDrA

Trafalgar Law Signature by MrShKoDrA ---- I'm kinda sensing a Kid vibe in the red part of this fanart. Am I going crazy here?

Nuriko Kun est un illustrateur de 25 ans dont les oeuvres appartiennent à l’univers du manga. Sa force est incontestablement son style. Ses traits bruts et surtout ses couleurs absolument magnifiques donnent une véritable identité à ses peintures digitales. Pour en voir plus, visitez son DeviantArt. - Cécile Catillon

Les fantastiques illustrations de Nuriko Kun

By redjuice ♡

Anime Boy - It seems really different from the usual stuff you see. The graffiti, and his shirt, and just the street style is really neat. Interesting how his shirt says God bless you. And blood prayers.

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