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Tatto Ideas & Trends 2017 - DISCOVER One line - Animal logos - Rock painting ideas Discovred by : Figue Blanche

Watercolor fox with butterflies by Stupenka

99 Girly Tattoos to Consider for 2017

La Magie positive des Aquarelles de Luqman Reza (3)

La Magie positive des Aquarelles de Luqman Reza

Indonesian artist & illustrator Luqman Reza Mulyono, known as ‘Jongkie’, uses watercolors to create colorful animal illustrations with a whimsical touch.


With tiny, precise pen strokes and careful cross-hatching, Italian artist Alfred Basha captures the complexity of natural life. His drawings interweave animal figures with flora and fauna. Deer antlers are transformed into trees and craggy mountain ranges

Bear Tree #bear #drawing #tattoo

Alfred Basha illustration

Lauren Marx // wasn't sure where to go with this but it reminded me of that fable involving a fox, a bird, and grapes

Wilderness – Les créations de Lauren Marx

Lauren Marx Explores Nature’s Beauty and Cruelty in “American Wilderness”

Apple Tree Celtic Knot Lino cut impression

Apple Tree Celtic Knot Lino cut print

tree of life symbolism - Google Search

Tree of life - I always love this small tattoo design. The tree of life is always used in theology, philosophy, and mythology.