Les paysages fascinants de l'artiste Stev'nn Hall, qui mélange peinture et photographie dans des créations poétiques et colorées, qui rappellent les peintu

Entre peinture et photographie – Les paysages fascinants de Stev’nn Hall

The fascinating landscapes of the artist Stev'nn Hall , who mixes painting and photography into poetic and colorful creations, reminding the paintings of the famous impressionists.

#joker #batman #clownprinceofcrime

I've seen those "Minimalist Posters" around and I decided to take a stab at my own versions of popular super heroes(And Super Villains now as well) Joke. Clown Prince of Crime

SFR Mail

Lucila Dominguez - wall art this is lovely! If people want to spray paint public walls - I wish they would do this type of Art!