Body paint le feu

This is only body paint, but this would make an INCREDIBLE black light tattoo. Could you imagine being around when a random black light turns on suddenly you are on FIRE!

O_O Oh my word. I would do that. Everyone should do that all at once. Everyone. And walk outside in the dark.

"Luminosity" by FlexDreams for “Lashmaker” magazine · Model: Maria MUA: Elena Yatkivskaya · Retouch: Big Bad Red. glow in the dark makeup

I'm not sure if this fits under Tattoos, but it's cool

Robert Babylon creates fetish and erotic digital art for the Century. His unique uv and blacklight fetish and erotic artwork combines photography and digital processing techniques. May 6 2007 Wolfe Face Art & FX creates art using our unique hydrocolor make-up Neon skeleton body paint, face paint

Spooky skeleton black light body paint - LOVE the detail & neon colors. Just posting this for inspiration; would like to try this one day or paint it on a black bodysuit.

Neon glow

Illuminated Neon Beauty Portraits

69 Fluorescent Neon Innovations - From Fluourescent Neon Gangster Art to Illuminated Neon Balloons (TOPLIST) UV Paint Body art and Black light

UV body painting photographed under black light.

Savannah Sunset - Painting with UV body paint under the illumination of the black light - John Poppleton is photographer and artist that creates sensational works of art painted directly on the human body.


Black and white portraits can bring out the emotions of the subjects. Here are 25 examples of black and white portraits for your inspiration.