Photos de monteur(euse)s célèbres en plein travail. Photos de salle et d'outils de montage. #montage #monteur #editing #editor
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a machine that is cutting metal parts on a white background royalty images and clippings
Movie Film Splicer 2 (black and White) Stock Image - Image of splicer, tape: 1791565
a black and white photo of a camera with a film strip attached to it royalty images
Movie Film Splicer 3 (black and White) Stock Photo - Image of theater, black: 1791564
a woman sitting at a table working on an old fashioned sewing machine in a room full of books
an old movie projector with the words this is how we used to edit film
The dramatic ways that technology has changed editing
an old style turntable with several electronic devices on it
the control panel has many different colored buttons
7 Tips on Becoming a Better Editor & Mastering Your Craft
an electronic device is sitting on top of a blue table with speakers and other electronics
Steenbecktafel nodig?
a woman standing in front of a machine
IATSE // #IASolidarity on Twitter
a table with several electronic devices on it in front of a computer monitor and keyboard
Wikiwand - Монтажный стол
a black and white photo of a man working on a machine
Akira Kurosawa and the Art of Editing
two women looking at an old record player
Hidden Histories: The Story of Women Film Editors
a group of men standing around stacks of metal pans in a room with other men
Rare Behind-the-Scenes Photos From the Making of Gone With the Wind
an old photo of a woman working on a sewing machine
The 4 Unsung Pioneers of Film Editing