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a tile floor with different colored tiles on top of it's sides and one in the middle
NO MORE BORING FLOORS! TERRAZZO IS A TREND AND IT'S MAKING ITS COME BACK FROM 70S FOR GOOD. REAL TELLTALE MARBLE CHIPS IMBEDED INTO MATRIX OF LIGHT CONCRETE AND POLISHED. VARIIETY OF COLOR AND A MYRIAD OF DESIGN POSSIBILITIES! #terrazzo #marbleterrazzo #flooringideas #remodelingideas #carloscarpa #olivettishowroom #il palazzoexperimental #interiorarchitecture #commercialdesign #commercialinteriors #marblefloors #bathroomdesignideas #interiorinspiration #moderninteriors #carloscarpaarchitecture
colorful brick pathway in the garden with potted plants
21 Amazing Front Walkway Ideas with Images {in 2024 }
a book shelf with books and magazines on it's sides, against a white background
Maarten Baas’s Clay Series Is a 21-st Century Classic—Pamono Stories
a loft bed with a ladder to the top and desks below in a small room
UK Stays | Inverlonan, a bothy experience in Scotland…
an attic with unfinished walls and wood flooring on the top level is seen from above
生活動線と収納容量を重視した暮らしやすい家 | シティハウス産業株式会社
the inside of a wooden structure with shelves and cabinets on each side, in front of trees
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the interior of a tiny home with wood flooring and white walls, an open stove top
a kitchen with wooden walls and shelves filled with pots, pans, cups and utensils
Une tiny house de 17m2 totalement autonome (avec plan)